We have helped many clients to get the compensation they deserve for their injuries. Below are just a few of the positive reviews and comments we have received from those we serve.

I was nearly killed when I was thrown through the windshield in a car crash.  I woke up in the hospital and shortly afterward a kind friend took me to Paul’s office.  Over the next several years Paul helped me to heal myself and to put my life back together in every way possible.  He handled all my legal matters expertly. Paul got me all of the compensation that I deserved from the insurance companies.  I owe Paul a debt of gratitude, and I highly recommend him as an attorney and as a true friend.

Terry A.

When my business partner of many years turned on me and told me to get out of our office I did not know what to do.  My whole life was wrapped up in that business and now I had no job.  Then I met Paul.  He explained to me, and then to my ex-partner and his attorneys, that I was entitled to compensation for my years of hard work, and for my shares of stock in the companies we started, and they laughed at us.  Paul filed a lawsuit and tirelessly pursued all the documents and financial information we needed to win our case.  In the end, my ex-partner stopped laughing, and was forced to pay me for the years of hard work that I had put into our business ventures.  I was able to use the money and start a new company.  I owe it all to Paul.

Matt A.

When my ex-husband walked out on me and left me with our two young boys I was devastated.  Then a friend recommended that I call Paul.  I did, and Paul stood by me during the many long and dark months of going through my divorce and putting my life back together.  He got me and the boys everything we deserved in the divorce, and truly helped me through the most difficult time of my life.  Thank you, Paul.

Sue P.

I met Paul shortly after I was involved in a car crash caused by a drunk driver.  Paul helped me deal with the insurance companies, and then sued the drunk driver who hit me, the owner of her vehicle, and the bar that served her drinks until she was falling down drunk and then sent her on the road.  When I had to have my back surgery, Paul was one of the first faces that I saw in the recovery room when he came to the hospital to make sure that I was all right.  Paul handled my case with great strength and stood firm in the face of the insurance company and their lawyers.  He got me the compensation I deserve.

Alize B.

Our disabled child was horribly injured through the negligence of a nurse.  We needed an attorney who could handle this very serious and delicate matter and we turned to Paul.  Paul brought our lawsuit, handled the case expertly, and even pursued the insurance company when they tried to hide their assets in another state.  Paul did a great job.

Bill B.

When our son was seriously injured at a travelling carnival, we heard about Mr. Reasoner, but then decided to hire another attorney.  What a mistake!  When the carnival company disappeared and filed for bankruptcy, the other lawyer told us there was nothing we could do.  We asked Mr. Reasoner to take a look at our case, and not only did he know what to do, he immediately pursued the carnival company out of state through the bankruptcy court.  Soon after, Mr. Reasoner got us the compensation we deserved from the carnival’s insurance company. Even the judge commended Paul on a job well done.

The P. Family

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